Supra-Pubic Catheter Care

  1. Definition of "supra-pubic catheter."


    1. It is a rubber tubing surgically inserted into the bladder directly through the lower abdomen.

    2. It is performed to divert the flow of urine from the urethra.


  1. How to perform catheter care.


    1. Wash around the entrance area daily with soap and water.

    2. Cleanse with betadine.

    3. Cover with a 4" by 4" toper sponge pad that has a slit cut to fit around the catheter.


  1. Care of catheter bags and tubing.


    1. Change catheter bags at least every two weeks.

    2. Between changes, wash the bag with a mixture of one and one fourth cup vinegar and two quarts water to cleanse bag and decrease odor.

    3. Maintain good drainage by checking for kinks and loops in the tubing frequently.

    4. Secure catheter tubing to leg to prevent pulling.

    5. Keep drainage bag below level of bladder at all times to prevent infection.

    6. Empty drainage bag at least two times a day and whenever needed.


  1. How to empty a closed system drainage bag.


    1. Unclamp drain tube and remove it from its sleeve without touching tip.

    2. Let urine drain into toilet or measuring container, being careful not to let tip touch anything.

    3. When bag is empty, swab tip of drain tube with alcohol.


  1. How to change a leg bag to a night bag.


    1. Empty urine from leg bag.

    2. Swab connection between catheter and leg bag with alcohol, and then disconnect leg bag.

    3. Cover opening to leg bag with a plastic cap.

    4. Connect night bag securely to catheter.

    5. Secure catheter with a leg strap, leaving slack in the line to prevent pulling.


  1. Possible complications and how to respond to them.