Calories, Hints to Increase

1.      Hidden Calories (Unexpected Extra Calories)


A.      Add wheat germ to meatloaf, pancakes, etc.

B.      Add eggs to soups, ground meats, casseroles, etc.

C.      Add powdered milk to scrambled eggs, soups, gravies, ground meats, casseroles, puddings, etc.

D.      Add baby food to casseroles.

E.      Use milk or Half and Half instead of water when making soups or sauces.

F.       Add cheese or diced meat whenever possible.

G.      Add sour cream or yogurt to vegetables.

H.      Add raisins, nuts, dates, or brown sugar to hot or cold cereals.


2.      Calorie-Dense Foods (High Calories Per Square Inch and Low in Bulk)


A.      Peanut butter has 90 calories per tablespoon. Add it to toast, celery, crackers, etc.

B.      Cream cheese has 52 calories per tablespoon. Add it to celery, crackers, etc.

C.      Honey has 64 calories per tablespoon. Add it to bread, cereal, etc.

D.      Butter has 100 calories per tablespoon. Add it to soups, vegetables, mashed potatoes, cooked cereals, rice, etc.

E.      Whipping cream has 60 calories per tablespoon. Add it to pies, fruit, puddings, hot chocolate, jello, etc.

F.       Roasted chopped peanuts have 52 calories per tablespoon. Add them to ice cream, desserts, salads, etc.


3.      High-Calorie, Nutritious Foods


A.      Try instant breakfast products.

B.      Drink milkshakes with egg, ice cream, or protein powder added.

C.      Use supplements such as Ensure, Sustacal, etc.

D.      Eat snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, popcorn with butter, crackers and cheese, ice cream, etc.


4.      General Suggestions


A.      Eat frequent meals or planned snacks between meals.

B.      Meat, chicken and fish that are breaded and fried are higher in calories than when broiled or roasted.

C.      Drink high-calorie beverages with fruit, milk, buttermilk, or yogurt.

D.      Avoid empty calories such as chips, candy, carbonated beverages, etc.

E.      Butter toast when warm.

F.       Add ice cream and whipped cream to desserts.

G.      Eat dried fruits as snacks between meals.

H.      Eat mayonnaise, oil, and salad dressing.

I.         Serve gravy over meat.

J.       Eat creamed or thick soups.

K.       Add sauces to vegetables.

L.       Avoid low-calorie soups, salads, and beverages at the beginning of the meal, which tend to diminish the appetite.