Weight, Hints for Reduction

1.      General Hints


A.      Consult your physician regarding a diet and exercise plan.

B.      Plan to lose only one or two pounds per week. (Decreasing calories by 500 calories per day will produce a one-pound weight loss in a week.)

C.      Plan a practical diet that you can follow for the rest of your life and avoid dangerous weight fluctuations.

D.      Join a support group to lose weight.

E.      Avoid fad diets and rapid weight-reduction plans.

F.       Keep busy so boredom will not tempt you to eat.

G.      Do not eat while doing other activities.

H.      Identify times when snacking is most likely to occur and plan low-calorie snacks.

I.         Allow occasional treats.

J.       Avoid fasting, which slows metabolic rate.

K.       Exercise (one pound of fat is lost per 3,500 calories expenditure).


2.      Mealtime Hints


A.      Drink water before a meal to decrease appetite.

B.      Eat slowly, taking small bites.

C.      Leave some food on the plate.

D.      Use small plates.

E.      Eat only at a specified place.

F.       Measure food portions to determine correct portion size.

G.      Eat meals at regularly scheduled times, and do not skip meals.


3.      Food Suggestions


A.      Drink skim milk instead of whole milk because it is half the calories.

B.      Use soft butter instead of hard because it spreads better and you need less.

C.      Eat low-calorie snacks such as celery, carrots, etc.

D.      Eat nutritious, well-balanced meals.

E.      Reduce fat intake by baking, broiling, or steaming foods.

F.       Avoid concentrated sweets such as sugar, candy, honey, pies, cakes, cookies, and regular sodas.

G.      Eat carbohydrates that are high in fiber to create bulk and a sense of fullness.

H.      Avoid or limit alcohol, which provides only empty calories.


4.      Exercise Tips


A.      Increase exercise, progressing slowly.

B.      Plan exercise that is fun so you will continue.

C.      Join an exercise club, or exercise with a friend.

D.      Try walking; it is excellent exercise.

E.      Choose active exercises (weight loss will not occur with passive exercise).

F.       In addition to your exercise program, incorporate increased activity into your dail