Developmental Milestones


 1 mo

Cries to communicate, exhibits reflex activity, maintains eye contact

 2 mo

Coos, smiles, frowns, tracks objects, lifts head

 3 mo

Turns back to side, sits with support

 4 mo

Turns back to abdomen, lifts head and bears weight on forearms, can hold head erect, places everything in mouth, grasps with both hands, laughs, makes consonant sounds

 5 mo

Turns from abdomen to back, uses hands independently, plays with toes, puts feet in mouth

 6 mo

Sits alone leaning forward on hands, holds bottle, extends arms to be picked up, starts to show a fear of strangers, begins to make word-like sounds, looks for dropped objects, plays peek-a-boo

 7 mo

Begins to crawl, bears weight on feet when supported

 8 mo

Pulls to a standing position, sits alone without any support, has increased fear of strangers

 9 mo

Walks along side furniture, has well-developed crawl, bangs objects together, drinks from a cup, attempts to feed self, looks for hidden objects

10 mo

May begin to walk and climb, exhibits one-handed dominance, may say 1 or 2 meaningful words

11 mo

Understands meaning of word “no”, shakes head to indicate “no”, can follow simple directions, cooperates with dressing activities, uses a spoon

12 mo

Walks alone or with one hand held, falls frequently while walking, points with one finger, drinks well with  a cup, pulls off socks

15 mo

Walks independently, throws over-handed, pulls or pushes toys, plays with building blocks; scribbles with crayon

18 mo

Runs clumsily, jumps in place with both feet, can say about 10 words, may be able to control anal and urinary sphincters

  2 yr

Runs well, climbs stairs by placing both feet on each step, attains bladder and bowel control between 2-3 yrs, combines 2-3 words into meaningful sentences

2 ½ yr 

Jumps from chair to step, stands on one foot briefly


  3 yr

Rides tricycle, turns doorknobs, climbs stairs by alternating feet, dress self, forms short sentences

  4 yr

Hops on one foot, catches ball, has color recognition

  5 yr

Skips well, jumps rope, balances with eyes closed, complete sentences, vocabulary about 2100 words

6-12 yr

Swims, skates, rides bicycle, ties shoes, uses crayon or pencil, aware of rules, complex sentences, reads, counts, forms clubs


Learns to care for self-independence, effective interaction with society